Horseback Riding In Colorado

There are many great dude ranches in Colorado, and some of them are world-renowned. The reason these ranches are held in such high esteem is because they incorporate the authentic feel of the western frontier with an exciting range of activities that bring home the full experience of ranch life. But the problem with some dude ranches is that much of your schedule is taken up by the wide variety of recreational opportunities that are incorporated into your day to day. In addition, you sometimes need to spend several days at a dude ranch in order to experience everything that the place has to offer, and while this can be highly enjoyable and a great vacation option, it's not a good fit for someone looking for an afternoon excursion.

This is what makes Rusty Spurr Ranch different from the rest. We're not a dude ranch specifically, though we do maintain an active ranch and our guests enjoy seeing many aspects of the work we do. Our primary recreational focus is on providing authentic, horseback trail rides to our guests. Rides can be short or long, relaxed or intense, depending on the needs and desires of each group or visitor who comes to our ranch. Our horses are allowed to range freely in vast pastures rather than being kept locked away in stalls or stables, as they would be at most other ranches. This helps our horses stay as physically fit as possible while providing them the highest quality of life.

If you aren't interested in giving up a whole weekend for one of the other dude ranches in Colorado, consider spending a day with us here at Rusty Spurr!

Horseback Riding In Colorado
Rusty Spurr Ranch
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